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The company’s highest priority is to produce top quality product formulation. We have a wide range of signature and specialist products that is set to take your brands to the next level. Our company is recognized as a One Stop Centre by providing solutions for formulation, manufacturing and registering customers’ product brands.

Range of Products

Why choose us ?

Our R&D team will create their own formulation based on the ingredient & benefit that client wants for their product.

We provide the reliable & safe experience from the formulation till production & delivery

We give the best & competitive price with the best quality of product.

We provide service from product formulation & conceptualization, packaging, product registration and

Our factory provides a wide range of products such as Food & Beverage, Cosmetics and Beauty & Care.

Our factory has certified from the government which are Good Manufacturing practice (GMP), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Pointers (HACCP) & International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Step to build your own products

Our team will consult client for what the client want, need & supposed to do for be a founder of product

Our R&D team will make samples based on the client’s wishes & get approval from the client.

Production team will process the product.

Delivery will proceed after the client makes a balance of payment.

Production Process


Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) – a systematic preventive approach to food safety

Good manufacturing practice (GMP) – a system for ensuring that products are produced  according to quality standards.

Certificate of veterinary inspection –  a licensed and accredited veterinarian attesting to the health status and identification of an animal listed thereon.

MeSTI – to ensure that food provided by the manufacturer is safe inside Malaysia

Halal certificates – guarantees that products and services aimed at the Muslim population meet the requirements of Islamic law 

ISO Standards – a key part of our society as they ensure quality and safety in both products and services in international trade.

Interested in manufacturing product with OEM by HR ?


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